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GSC allows you to obtain your license to become a specialized contractor. Our five (5) module training will effectively equip you to ensure you pass the three (3) basic exams of the RBQ.

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The training offered by GSC to become a specialized contractor includes five (5) basic courses and covers the specific concepts that will enable you to obtain your specialized contractor’s license.

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Marc-André Dayan is the president and founder of GSC. With more than 20 years experience in training of construction contractors, he stands out today in his pedagogical approach to teaching and has adapted himself to his students during the course sessions.

Marc-André Dayan has put in place a model of support for the entrepreneur from the beginning of his training through to the exam process, however the support continues well into the job market where GSC continues to supervise and support the entrepreneur throughout their journey.

Marc-André Dayan

Founder of GSC
President and Trainer