Rbq license

In Québec, in order to act as a construction contractor or owner builder, it is mandatory to have a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). GSC becomes your business partner in obtaining your license.

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The GSC difference

Hybrid trainings

GSC is the only network in the Québec construction industry to offer hybrid training. Register for one of our courses and benefit from both classroom courses and online interactive content. Forget about the long articles to read on your screen, our web supplements are offered interactively in the form of quizzes, videos, podcasts among other things.

Accessible services

With three (3) points of service across Québec, GSC offers affordable, accessible and flexible courses. Visit our locations in Laval, Brossard and Québec !

Qualified expertise

We select our staff carefully. Our teachers are dedicated, qualified and freely available at all times. Choosing GSC means getting the help whenever you need it, no matter where you are.

Assistance with your RBQ license application

GSC frees you from the formalities related to your RBQ license application and takes care of everything for you. We accompany you at every stage of your career, obtaining your license is only one aspect of what we can do for you.
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Training programs

GSC offers you comprehensive training programs to become a general contractor, specialist or owner builder. Ensure that you will get your RBQ license by registering for one of our programs !

Specialized contractor

Complete training

RBQ training – 5 core modules

Discover the modules

General contractor

Complete training

RBQ training – 7 modules (5 core modules + 2 additional modules)

Discover the modules