Legal advices

There are multiple complex laws regulating the construction industry.

Properly interpreting these laws is not easy and leaves room for serious misinterpretetions.

A contractor will most probably need legal services at some point when managing a business.

The FARLEY AVOCATS INC law firm teamed up with GSC, with the goal of giving the most complete and specific legal information to our contractors.

In addition with the low cost of premiums as a GSC Member, our clients benefit from legal advices necessary in situations of conflicts with a client, a supplier, a subcontractor or any collaborator.

She will help you with the drafting of a business plan and will answer your questions regarding the incorporation of your company and any other legal issue you might need help resolving.
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Contribute to your success

By becoming a GSC member, you will be able to focus on what really matters. We will assist you in the development of your business so that you can build your future on solid foundations !

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