Our Mission


Gestion solution construction meets the needs of entrepreneurs, builders-owners and workers by preparing a skilled workforce capable of finding and keeping a place in a rapidly changing labor market. GSC develops and deploys programs for its members and all construction contractors proactively. He is a leader in developing the skills of his members. It is therefore important for GSC, in this context, to ensure that vocational teachers have and maintain high-level expertise. GSC develops in its students the competences with regard to the norms of construction, safety, new practices, technological innovations, sustainable constructions and professional qualification which will allow them a harmonious integration to the labor market. GSC promotes the growth of construction companies by developing innovative management tools and offering networking, training and market development activities. GSC’s activities include: • Promote education, continuing education;

• Contribute, through the promotion, development and support of these areas, to raising the level of female and professional entrepreneurship;

• Contribute to the harmonization of policies and activities with all the laws and regulations applicable in the building and public works sector;

• Encourage the integrity and enhancement of entrepreneurs’ technical knowledge;

To promote access to the highest forms of knowledge to anyone who has the will. Trustworthy for its members.

GSC: The reference for coaching and training in the field of construction and public works. GSC assumes its role as a leader, an essential reference point, GSC is innovative and competitive, with a view to developing skills for its members.


GSC is committed to promoting among its members:
• Quality, excellence and professionalism
• Honesty and integrity
• Public interest
Being a GSC member is:
• To be competent
• Be respectful
• Be transparent
• To be responsible
• Foster teamwork. Encourage contact between members through the organization of various activities.

Strategic Priorities
1. Serving our members with rigor
2. Valuing and developing staff skills
3. Encourage more members
4. Develop strategies to facilitate ongoing professional development of members.
5. Establish a comprehensive long-term communication plan including regulatory bodies through the GSC website and other communications vehicles to:
• Inform contractors and owner-builders of GSC objectives
• Develop, among GSC members, an appreciation of the value of services received
6. Improve the effectiveness of members’ work and knowledge by:
• Professional development on regulation
• Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of members
• Simplification and improvement of the courses offered